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What If Animals Could Code...

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    Okay, here we go again! In the last article in this series you came up with amazingly 40 hilarious comments on the topic celebrities who code. I look forward to see what you geniuses may come up with this time.

    So here's today's topic. When YouTube goes down, highly trained monkeys join up to fix the problem as fast as possible. Monkeys may be the only non-human animal that codes, but what would other animals do if they were developers?

    YouTube monkey business I believe them, why would they lie?

    Use your imagination and comment funny suggestions of what it could be like to hire an animal as a developer. Here's some suggestions of mine, feel free to reuse the same animals if you want to.

    1. Pandas - would be pandastic programmers!
    2. Snails - would always be working from home
    3. Snakes - do I need to mention Python?
    4. Bugs - I have a feeling they would struggle finding a workplace who wants them
    5. Cows - they are more into hardware, they follow mooooores law
    6. Lions - strong partners for a startup, but expect them to take the lion share of the profit
    7. Sloths - would probably benefit using Copilot
    8. Sheep - may be sheep to hire, but is it worth it?
    9. Cats - wouldn't touch code, they would promote themselves to managers
    10. Pigs - dirty code, but they are actually pretty clever
    11. Moles - they would love to C#
    12. Bats - as long as you are fine with putting your screen upside down, they could maybe be worth hiring
    13. Dogs - would probably be their best. day. ever.
    14. Whales - hire one and you boss will call you in to talk about office expenses

    Developer animal meme I'm sorry Mr. Koala, but you always do the bear minimum of work

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