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I Created a Programming Puzzle Game

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    Halloumi! I made a new puzzle game. It's a four-question pyramid quiz game. It's for all those brainiac unicorn developers who can't say no to a challenge.

    If you aren't one of those, don't worry, there are puzzles of different experience levels. With this release today, there are four puzzles from beginner level to heroic level. You can find all game levels here, or maybe you want to skip directly to the heroic one, Turning coffee into bald hair.

    Turning coffee into bald hair Developer (noun): a person turning coffee into bald hair

    Are you a cheater? I'm no one to blame you, any method to solve the puzzles is allowed, googling is what we developers do!

    Persson's pyramid game question Answer questions to reach the top of the pyramid

    Cheater or not, let's look at the game. Each level consists of a pyramid. You can click on any of the numbered triangles in the pyramid to answer programming questions. The two topmost triangles are locked until you have solved the triangles below them. The goal is to unlock and find the answer to all four questions in the pyramid.

    Persson's pyramid game level unlocked Solve the two bottom triangle puzzles to unlock the third triangle above

    Let me know if the levels are too easy, I can make them harder. If they are too difficult, you can google harder. Let the game begin!

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