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What If Movie Characters Had LinkedIn Profiles

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    Have you ever wondered what Sheldon Cooper's LinkedIn profile would look like? Oh, stupid question. Of course you have! I will here now present eight well-known movie character's professional profiles.

    Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper's LinkedIn profile Sheldon Cooper's LinkedIn profile

    We know him as the childish genius who repeatedly fails to decipher sarcasm. As one of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper shouldn't have to live without a LinkedIn profile. The question is, would he use LinkedIn when it lacks a bazinga reaction?


    Mulan's LinkedIn profile Mulan's LinkedIn profile

    Loyal, brave and true. Mulan has done more for women and the Emperor than most people. Without any need for recognition or compensation she voluntarily fought against the Huns to protect her family. It is now time for her to step into the spotlights and enter LinkedIn.

    Builder Bob

    Builder Bob's LinkedIn profile Builder Bob's LinkedIn profile

    If one would ask Bob if he wanted a LinkedIn profile, he would probably answer with a counter question: Can we fix it? And the answer is, yes we can! LinkedIn profiles normally don't have the profile image centered, but we can fix that too! We can build a LinkedIn where it is possible!


    Batman's LinkedIn profile Batman's LinkedIn profile

    Does Batman have a LinkedIn profile? I don't know, I'm not on the list of people who knows his true identity. Batman's professional LinkedIn profile could have looked like above though. Just as with Builder Bob, it's no issue for Batman to have his profile picture right adjusted, he is wealthy enough to buy LinkedIn.


    Aquaman's LinkedIn profile Aquaman's LinkedIn profile

    Judging by his LinkedIn banner, Aquaman is a bit less picky than Batman. Being the richest superhero of his time, he could beneficially have spent a bit more money on the banner design. Presumably, he has even skimped on the translation costs, because that website URL doesn't look very accurate.

    Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson's LinkedIn profile Homer Simpson's LinkedIn profile

    It's no secret Homer Simpson appreciates donuts, and he's probably better of marketing himself for that on LinkedIn than to list all the jobs he has had. There are likely not a lot of recruiters searching for donut experts on LinkedIn, but with all his experience, recruiters would constantly stumble onto his profile and eventually he could become LinkedIn's own Rick Roll.

    Phoebe Buffay

    Phoebe Buffay's LinkedIn profile Phoebe Buffay's LinkedIn profile

    Can you play guitar with a bear claw? Or with a turkey leg? No? If you want to learn, you can go to Phoebe. But please remember, do not touch a guitar while learning the chords! Joey learned that lesson the embarrassing way, let's not question Phoebe's methods one more time.

    La Linea

    La Linea's LinkedIn profile La Linea's LinkedIn profile

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