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33 Christmas Animations to Easily Add to Your Website

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    Yes, it's already that time of year. Whether you love or hate Christmas, a small Christmas CSS animation can bring a big smile to your website visitors.

    In this list, you will find 33 Christmas animation and interactive art which easily can be added you your website. Most of them are CSS only, others requires a small amount of JavaScript.

    In This Article

    CSS Snowflakes!

    Let's start out with snowflakes. Decorate your webpage with animated snowflakes. Easy to add, delightful to look at.

    Snow Globes

    Can you make a snow globe with pure CSS? Yes, here we have three stunning snow globes made with only CSS.

    CSS Santa Claus

    What would Christmas be without Santa Claus himself? The tricky thing is too choose which CSS Santa to go for!

    Christmas Decorations in CSS

    Why not adding some small decorative Christmas inspired CSS art? My favorite is definitely the Disney-like Christmas tree, which reasonably requires a good amount of JavaScript. If you don't want to use JavaScript, you have a quite similar mesmerizing CSS only Christmas tree animation in another link.

    Interactive Christmas Animations

    Here are some interactive Christmas animation. They naturally include a bit of JavaScript since they are interactive, but some manage to get away very easily with almost no JavaScript at all.

    Christmas gift CSS

    CSS Candy Canes

    Wanting something sweet for Christmas? Try these CSS loading and progress bars in candy cane colors!

    Candy cane progress bar

    CSS Snowman

    Do you know why it is better to add a snowman to your website than building one outside? Because it never melts. Unless your servers overheats...

    Other Christmas Art

    Couldn't decide what CSS art to use to decorate your website with for Christmas? Here's a few more links which may come handy.

    Animated CSS elf

    Bonus - Christmas Games

    It's Christmas after all, you should get some extra gifts. For you today, I have found two Christmas games you can play!

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