Dennis Persson

Cookies are Good!

Please take a minute to learn why we use cookies and how you can protect your personal integrity. Rejecting cookies is not the solution.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We care about your interests. We rely on Google Analytics cookies purely to learn about what our readers like to read. Google Analytics allows us to see which articles our readers read and general demographic information such as the country you live in.

Rejecting Cookies Does Not Save Your Integrity

Cookies are used for several purposes, many times their purpose is to enhance your user experience on the site. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that companies like Google and Meta may store information such as your IP address, and in turn use them to pinpoint marketing to you.

Most people blame this on cookies. But guess what, rejecting cookies does not protect you from this. Disabling these cookies which are all over the internet merely anonymizes your IP address slightly more. The traces of your IP address and surfing habits are still spread all over the internet, starting with your internet service provider.

How To Protect Your Integrity

If you care about your integrity and want to keep your browsing habits anonymous, then don't blame cookies. Instead, pay for a VPN which can anonymize your IP address and encrypt your data. It's not more expensive than a Netflix subscription or a lunch.

A VPN does not make you fully anonymous, but it can encrypt the traffic, and let you share a pool of IP addresses with plenty of other individuals, making it very difficult for anyone to track you accurately. At the same time, you can keep getting the best experiences from most websites and services.

So find yourself a VPN provider, and start saying yes to cookies.